SHORE UP! Inc. is a private, non-profit Community Action Partnership* located in Salisbury, on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore. Formed in 1965, SHORE UP! has been serving low-income and disadvantaged persons on the Eastern Shore for over 50 years. SHORE UP! is an acronym for “Self-Help on Rural Economics and Urban Problems.” Our agency’s main focus is to help people reach economic self-sufficiency.*

We offer services in the areas of employment, education, housing, health care, nutrition, and disabilities.

SHORE UP! has a Board of Directors that helps guide agency policy. Our Executive Director is responsible for all day-to-day operations. There are eight administrators who report to the Executive Director. Currently, SHORE UP! has over 300 employees who work in our service area.

Although SHORE UP! Inc. is a private organization, we receive most of our funding from state and federal grants. We also receive funding from state and local grants, as well as private foundations and businesses. We work closely with our local partners—such as social service agencies, health departments, colleges and universities, and other non-profits—to maximize the programs and services available to our customers and to avoid duplication of services.

Definition of “Self-Sufficiency”:
If a person is economically self-sufficient, he/she can take care of themselves and his/her family, can pay the rent, has a car for transportation, has a job and can pay their bills. The individual does not need to depend on anyone for anything and is off all assistance programs. He/she can pay for daycare for his/her children, can buy groceries, and can pay for life’s necessities.

* Community Action Agencies are non-profit organizations created by the signing of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. This act embodies the philosophy that low-income individuals can best identify the problems their community face and also develop solutions that will resolve the issues.