For over 120 years, Handy has been making delicious seafood as nature intended it to be, made from the finest and freshest crab meat, all-natural ingredients and fantastic flavors. “Handy Seafood continues to be the innovator in the crab and seafood industry, and is recognized worldwide for its trusted seafood, which has remained constant for its entire 125 years,” said Todd Conway, CEO at Handy Seafood.

Handy Seafood, America’s oldest seafood processor, offers high-quality seafood products delivered to your door. Products include crab meat, crab cakes, seafood appetizers, oysters, grouper, gluten-free crab cakes, power foods, shrimp products and much more!

It began and continues today with a time-honored promise of freshness and authenticity. Our consistently high and industry-leading standards have stood the test of time.  No shortcuts, just generations of doing it right.

John T. Handy established the company in 1894. With over 120 years in the industry, Handy is America’s oldest seafood processor, and we’re proud to say that our company continues to be small and family-owned.

Since the beginning, Handy has operated from the beautiful shores of Crisfield, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Known for being home to the world’s best soft shell crabs, crab meat and crab cakes, Crisfield was once a small village.  When the potential for seafood was discovered a long time ago, the quiet fishing town quickly grew and was once known as the “Seafood Capital of the World”

Born on the Chesapeake, Trusted Worldwide – Handy Seafood celebrates a milestone achievement in 2019.