The Crisfield-Somerset County Times is the local newspaper of Crisfield, MD. Crisfield Times is a weekly newspaper that covers general news with an emphasis on the fishing and seafood industry. The newspaper offers a variety of national and local news on politics, health, arts and entertainment, education, sports, community, weather, and business. The newspaper also features a section on community events, obituaries, auctions and funeral notices. In addition, the newspaper publishes articles from various expert columnists. The newspaper operates through various departments, such as administration, advertising, business office, circulation and news management. Crisfield Times is published by Independent Newspapers and is located in Crisfield, Md.

In this unique environment, the Crisfield-Somerset County Times is by far the area’s most relied upon medium for local news and information.


While we do have an office in Crisfield, please call before stopping by as we are not open to the public.