Crab Pot Depot

The Wonders of the Bay is a Community Supported Fishery based on customer shares to provide the best of the exceptional Chesapeake Bay blue crabs available. The Wonders of the Bay – Bringing Marylands freshest blue crabs straight to your door.


Crab Pot is a community supported fishery built on customer shares to provide the best of the exceptional Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs available during the season.  Our goal is to give our customers a memorable and delicious culinary experience with one of Maryland’s renowned delicacies, while calling Crab Pot Depot-online your home for that Chesapeake connection.

Crab Pot Depot is founded on the basic principle of providing customers with Maryland’s freshest Blue Crabs, along with, other specific Chesapeake Bay seafood at a reasonable price.  As a local Maryland family growing up in “the World’s Crab Capital” we have the advantage to provide the best premium Blue Crabs available.  As a Community Supported Fishery (CSF), Crab Pot Depot mission is to provide: “Local food, from local places, from local people.” This is done through a “shares” model where success is built upon a mutual relationship between the company, supplier and consumer. We support responsible environmental stewardship that protect species and gives consumers healthy food. We intend to follow the storied legacy that places the Chesapeake Bay seafood among the best in the world, simply by offering authentic Blue Crab shellfish enjoyed for generation.  Our family has decades of experience in the crab seafood industry. This is reflected in Crab Pot Depot owner’s traditional roots among the watermen/women who harvest the bounty to the folks who expertly prepare the Blue Crab delectable.