Melissa Anderson, Realtor

Keller Williams Real Estate Consultant

Melissa Anderson is a realtor for Keller Williams serving the greater Crisfield Maryland area.  Please call her to have her show you homes in the area or sell your home today!  She can handle all of your real estate needs.

It doesn’t matter if it is an old Victorian built a century ago, a 70’s bungalow, a cape cod on the water, or a brand new home built in a new up and coming neighborhood, because my interest is not exclusive, but rather, unlimited! I have a passion for the old and the new, inland or coastal and it would be my honor to help find the perfect house that brings you much joy!

At the age of 24, my husband and I bought our first home. An old fixer-upper built in the early 1900s that needed a whole lot of love. I remember the many feeling’s that rushed over me the moment we used our key to open the front door. I felt so empowered, amazed, happy, and overall, blessed. We immediately ripped off the falling wallpaper, remodeled the kitchen and bathroom, painted every room in the house, and ripped up all the carpets that exposed beautiful hardwood floors. It was during those many exciting projects on my own home that I truly developed my passion for real estate. As I see it, my house was once a house, but now, it is my home, and I would love to help find you a house that you can also turn into your home!

I am so excited to be apart of Keller William’s. The passion they share as well as the education they provide their agents is a huge reason I decided to join! My desire to learn is abundant as I inspire to be better in my career, and that much better for those I serve!